Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Sagging Floors and a Wet Basement

We were called to this home in Kenosha, WI when the homeowners were tired of having to clean up water every time it rained.  They were also concerned about the floor above the basement because it started to sag.  This home already had some posts in the basement but they were failing, resulting in the floor above to sag. 

We came in and not only took care of the water issue, but installed our SmartJack System.  This system is made of galvanized steel which will not rust, provides immediate stabilization and lift and has a high capacity supporting over 60,000 lbs. 

The SmartJacks replaced their failing posts and now will provide them with the protection and security that they have been looking for. 

TripleSafe System and Sedona Installation

We replaced a single sump pump with our TripleSafe System. The TripleSafe system includes 2 sump pumps as well as a battery back up. 

Small Water Control System

Small area in basement with water issue, installed our WaterControl System to a sump pump and no more water!

TripleSafe System in place of old sump pump

Our TripleSafe system is designed with two pumps and a battery back up pump. This is a great system for homes that pump a lot of water but also for all homes to add that extra security, for anytime the power goes out or a main pump fails. This home had just one pump original in a small crock that couldn't keep up. Since they've upgraded to the TripleSafe they have been water free in their basement!

EverLast Window and SunHouse Window Well

We replaced this old window and well with an EverLast Window and a SunHouse Window Well.  The new window is much clearer and allows more light into the basement.  The SunHouse Window Well not only looks better, but also lets more light into the basement due to the specially shaped sides, color and sloped bottom. 

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