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Tom let us explain our water problems and then he presented the correct solution to our problem.  We chose Badger because you were the only one to give us the correct solution to our window wells without digging down to the drain tile and it was economical.   The crew was very courteous and they answered any questions that we may have had.  They were friendly and knowledgeable. 
Dan N. of Kenosha, WI
Thursday, March 10th
The office staff was very nice!  The representative (Tim Gray) was excellent!  I chose badger basement because of the new technology backed by excellent info, they were recommended by my landscape architect and the company's reputation.  The crew was definitely courteous and very personable. 
Tom B. of Milwaukee, WI
Wednesday, May 24th
The person that came out to do the estimate (Bill) was exceptional, listened to our needs and requests for grandchildren out of need. Very kind! Exceptional from start to finish, the workmanship was excellent. The window was put in because of a hardship. Our grandchildren moved in with us because of hardship. It was very hard to afford and complete emotionally. Your staff from estimate to finish made the process easier and I appreciate you all. You change lives with your kindness and talent. Thank you!
Kelly M. of Muskego, WI
Monday, June 10th
The office staff was very responsive. The specialist was excellent and easy to understand. The crew is 1st class! They arrived on time and clean up was satisfactory. Badger is outstanding in every way!
Ken H. of Thiensville, WI
Monday, February 22nd
Best service for 30 years!  Bill is very courteous and the cleanup is very satisfactory.  Bill Peterson is the best! 
Mike R. of Lake Geneva, WI
Thursday, May 11th
My husband and I have used your service since 2006.  Mr. Hammer has an excellent personality and really knows his job. I am going to have the other side of the basement done but only if I can have him.  Your company did another basement job in 2006 and we have been completely satisfied with that job and our annual expectations.  Bill Hammer was very courteous and the cleanup was very satisfactory.  You are fortunate to have Bill Hammer as your employee.  I am going to be putting in a call to have the rest of the basement done in the same manner. 
Rosemary N. of Waukesha, WI
Tuesday, January 2nd
I checked my basement for flooding and did not find a drop of water after having Badger Basement install drain tile and patch some cracks in my basement wall.  The first thing I said was Thank you God, and then said I am so happy I had that drain tile put in last year by Badger Basement.  I hated spending the money to have it fixed, however I knew I could not deal with mopping up water everytime it rained.  I also did think that it probably wasn't going to make a whole lot of difference and there would still be some leakage. But fortunately, there was not even a drop!  While I feel truly sorry for the people that suffered destruction in their homes, I am grateful to Badger Basement that I now have a dry basement.   Thank you so much!! 
Diane H. of Elkhorn, WI
Tuesday, August 1st
The office staff is very polite and caring.  Bill was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions.  Going to Badger Basement was the best this I have done in a long while! 
Reg and Lorraine C. of Belvidere, IL
Friday, December 11th
Whenever I called, the office staff always answered with a 'smile' in their voice. Installation crew was very professional and personal; cleaned up worksite.
Jim V. of Jefferson, WI
Wednesday, April 15th
I chose Badger Basement because I knew you would get it done in a timely manner and it would be done right.  The crew was very courteous and arrived on time.  I can't put into words how impressed I was with the cleanup and the manner of placing flowers back and sod back in place.  Awesome!  You have a very hard working crew.  I thought this process would take much longer.
Luann B. of Fort Atkinson, WI
Tuesday, May 16th
I chose your company because of your reputation and the warranty that comes with the service, especially if we sell our house in the future.  People told me to look for less expensive services, but I do not feel that compromising reputaion and service is worth the minimal cost savings I may have found.
Shelly C. of Milton , WI
Wednesday, June 17th
It was a pleasure to work with the two gentlemen who did the driveways and sidewalks.  The work was done in a very professional way and I am happy with the results.   Everyone was very helpful and things were done as scheduled.  Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful and was pleasant to work with.
Juanita E. of Watertown, WI
Wednesday, August 5th
I have heard your name on the radio, TV and from a friend and people that I know.  Tim Gray was very good, nice and knew a lot about the system I needed.  There was no pressure in buying and I liked that a lot.  He WOWed us.  We chose Badger Basement because you are the best, do good work and have been doing it since 1975.  What does that say?!  The crew was really nice and courteous.  Richie, Dan and Joel the plumber did a good job.  The cleanup was great inside and out.  We now have no more shopvacing and mopping up water due to a flooded basement.  I should have gotten it fixed when we got married and bought the house.  Keep up the good work!
Michael C. of Janesville, WI
Thursday, April 20th
Scott was very good and honest. I never thought to even contact anyone else because I've only heard great things about you guys. Tim and Paul were very courteous, informative, and friendly! We were highly satisfied with the clean up-this was our biggest worry (dust settlement, etc.) and we were pleasantly surprised! We knew you guys were good but you even exceeded our expectations! We're very grateful!
Claire K. of Janesville, WI
Monday, December 9th
Tim was very courteous and informative while he was here. We chose Badger based on the fact that the installation was less invasive than mudjacking and PolyLevel appears to be more likely to hold up against the elements.  The crew arrived on time and was very friendly while here.  The left the job site perfectly clean.  Badger Basement had no hidden fees.  Everyone was great to work with.  You are a great company.
Darnell E. of Edgerton, WI
Monday, May 22nd
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