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Becky Peck is a certified basement environment expert, and Executive Sales Manager for Badger Basement Systems - a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company serving Wisconsin for the last 30 years.

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Becky talks about the many ways to waterproof a basement, as well as the proper way to waterproof a basement. Waterproofing can be done from the outside, by digging out the foundation and installing or replacing a French drain system by the footing.

Badger Basement Systems waterproofs basements differently, by installing interior drainage systems. There are a number of benefits with interior drainage systems, including a quicker installation process and minimal disruption. Exterior excavation often has many fixtures to get around, including: porches, patios, decks, attached garages, sunrooms and HVAC systems.

The WaterGuard system is specially designed to be installed on top of the footing so, unlike exterior drain tiles and some types of competing interior drainage systems, it is out of the mud zone and won't clog as easily. It is also installed with service ports that allow the system to be flushed periodically. The WaterGuard system is tied to a powerful sump pump, which according to Becky, is the "heart of the waterproofing system".

Badger offers several types of sump pumps, but most of their customers opt for the TripleSafe System, which includes two cast iron pumps set at different levels to handle any amount of water, and a battery-operated backup pump to protect your basement in case of power outages. Together they will keep your basement dry all the time, and reduce the odds of a basement flood to a statistical insignificance.

Badger Basement Systems provides their professional waterproofing services to local homeowners of Wisconsin, including: Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Janesville and surrounding areas. Call or visit our website for a free inspection and quote!

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