Crawl Spaces Vapor Barriers: Improve the Living Conditions in your Home

Thursday, January 12th, 2012 by Parker Delmolino

Crawl Spaces Vapor Barriers Improve the Living Conditions in your Home - Image 1Crawl spaces can be damp and smelly, making them prone to mold growth. Mold and can be hazardous to your family’s health. Mold is known to cause breathing difficulties, skin irritation, topical skin rashes, reddening of the skin, and flu-like symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, medical attention is advised, as they can lead to mild or even severe health problems.

Eliminating water in your Crawl Space

Successfully removing water from your crawlspace can be difficult without proper tools and installation. It is recommended to have a local basement waterproofing expert install a crawl space drainage and sump pump system to prevent and remove water in your basement. Despite this, moisture can still enter through your concrete walls and floor, which is why it is so important to properly seal your doors and vents and install a dehumidification system.

What are Crawl Space Vapor Barriers? 

Vapor Barriers are important aspects of waterproofing your crawl space and removing the moisture that's causes mold growth. A vapor barrier is used to reduce the amount of moisture that leaks through your floor and concrete walls into your crawl space. A vapor barrier also helps prevent odors from entering your crawl space and upper levels of your home. Your crawl space is more prone to moisture exposure than other parts of your home, as moisture’s tendency is to flow from warmer places into colder places. 

Related Structural Damage

Moisture can dramatically affect your foundation. This is why it is important to schedule routine checkups to ensure that your crawlspace and/or basement is not experiencing

warping, sagging, rotting, or other damage. Sagging floors especially, are extremely common in crawlspaces filled with moisture. It is best to fix these problems as soon as possible, as letting moisture related problems go could lead to bigger problems and bigger costs in the long run. 

Air Sealing Doors and Vents

Some homeowners tend to overlook their doors and vents as a possible source of air and moisture. By properly sealing the doors, and installing vent covers, you can reduce or possibly stop the cycle of cold air, humidity and moisture from entering your crawl space from the outside. 

If you seal your crawl space door and there is still air and moisture entering into your crawl space, you may want to consider investing in new doors to provide the airtight seal you desire. New doors are an inexpensive way to rid your crawl space of moisture.

Moisture is the leading cause of mold growth in homes Mold can grow anywhere where moisture is present. Mold gives off the musty smell that many people have come to associate with their basement. The only sure way to get rid of the musty, bad smells in your crawlspace is to get rid of the mold and prevent any moisture from being in your crawlspace in the future. This can be achieved by waterproofing your crawl space with an expert local basement waterproofing contractor.


Contacting an expert waterproofing contractor such as Badger Basement System is the most effective and efficient way to protect your home and family from the effects of moisture. Contact the experts at Badger Basement Systems for a free estimate for foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space vapor barriers in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas. 

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