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The technology that Badger Basement has is 21st century. Anyone can hire a company to trench around your house possibly disturbing or creating potential foundation or drainage problems. In our case the trenching process just appeared to be an old school outdated cure for our situation. Please understand the trenching method certainly has it's place however in our case it seem to drastic. The basement wall was 3/8" outside the current code which is 1" leaning in from the top of the wall and basically in the center of the wall. No sign of large cracks in the wall or basement floor. No evidence of water intrusion and sump dry. It made no logical point to remove all the flowers, bushes and deck to dig up or trench one whole side of the house. Mr. Hedrick and his staff are really in tune with foundations and the needs to correct customer problems. They also standby their work and product for a life time. They call, follow up and stay on top of the project at all times. And just for reference they also do complete excavations if the project requires that be done to properly fix the foundation issues. But their patenated system provides an alternative to just trenching up your yard. So a potential customer should at least call them because the estimate and evaluation is free and could open your eyes to 21st century technology.

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Tom certainly knows the product and the benifits Badger Basement can provide to the customer. His Engineering background and years of experience provided us the confidence of the abilities of Badger Basements. Being a lay person you cant sell short Tom's Engineering degree. His ability to actually engineer the fix on site was impressive. He answered all of our questions and concerns. Everyone that needs to have a basement foundation repaired that having a certified engineer evaluate the problem and lay out a correction is priceless. It eliminates the guess work. All potential customers should always ask the company they plan to do business with if they are truely an Engineer qualified to evaluate the problem.

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Jim and Rob were just on top of the process. No wasted time. Truely professional.

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