Local Company Completes Job in Cambridge Fifteen Years in the Making

March 17 is sure to be a lucky day for Dorothy Gottschalk of Watertown, WI. Fifteen years ago Jim Hedrick, President of Badger Basement Systems Inc., provided her a free basement waterproofing estimate. At that time, Dorothy knew she needed to waterproof her basement but, like many home owners; it simply did not fit into her budget. Over the past fifteen years Dorothy has dealt with a wet basement, never being able to store family heirlooms downstairs or finish her basement due to constant water damage concerns. While she knew her basement may never be waterproofed she never lost hope.

With spring rains coming, Dorothy was desperate for an affordable solution to her wet basement. She wrote Jim a letter and included the original proposal from 1996, in near mint condition. In her letter she states, "...I was not able to have it done at that time and probably won't now, unless I win the lottery. Would you please send me a new estimate?"

She mailed the letter to the address listed at the top of her proposal, which was Jim's office in 1996. Due to continual business growth and development he moved out of this office in 2000. Fortunately for Dorothy, Jim's first office was in the home he still resides in; her letter was safely delivered to his front door.

Jim was honored that she remembered Badger Basement Systems after so many years and impressed she still had the original proposal. He sent a response back stating, "Since you have kept us in mind for the past 15 years we will honor the price you have from 1996." A few days later a signed copy of the "new estimate" was received along with a deposit check. Dorothy stated, "I am quite overwhelmed and grateful to you for the "new" proposal." Her basement is scheduled to be completed on March 18, just in time for the rainy season.

Dorothy Gottschalk's proposal serves as a true testament to the staying power of Badger Basement Systems. Jim Hedrick states, "Badger Basement Systems is in a situation in which I can promise you we will be able to meet your needs for the lifetime of your home." Being in business since 1975 they've seen it all and have made it through some of the wettest and driest years in Wisconsin's history. By continually offering new and innovative basement solutions, Badger Basement Systems is ready to handle any basement situation in Wisconsin and Illinois for years to come.

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