Work Requests in Platteville

Badger Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Platteville. Learn more about Badger Basement Systems's recent work requests in Platteville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Badger Basement Systems' recent work requests in Platteville, WI
Vicinity of Perry DR in Platteville
Looking for a qoute on putting in a fire exit window and possible flooring
Vicinity of in Platteville
Frequently have water in my basement. Would like a quote to address any water leakage issues? I am also selling my house and would like a quote to transfer to the new owners.
Vicinity of Old Lancaster Rd in Platteville
In the process of inspecting this home to purchase we have a few questions that we'd like answered, if possible. 1. The basement is at least parially tiled currently. Can you tell us if you did that work? 2. During our home inspection Tuesday evening we encountered some puddling of water on the basement floor in two locations, we'd like an estimate on what it might take to mitigate that. Thanks in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Vicinity of W Adams in Platteville
I had water in the basement for the first time in 2 years & would like to get the problem fixed. I am interested in getting an expert opinion on my options and costs to fix this problem.
Vicinity of in Platteville
We have just one location in our basement that leaks during heavy rains. (Like the one on Christmas Eve) The area is located near a fireplace stoop. Can we have you come look and give us an estimate on what it would take to repair? Mike Hahn recommended Willy Lemke as having done his basement in Platteville.
Vicinity of Perry Dr in Platteville
We have a finished basement in a home we moved into recently. The carpet is soaked and the walls have black mold growing on them now. How soon can you come give us an estimate.
Vicinity of KEYSTONE PARKWAY in Platteville
Vicinity of in Platteville
I have a home for sale in Platteville and need the basement worked on to eliminate the water that is getting in.
Vicinity of West Main St. in Platteville
I am looking to buy a house in Platteville. Our home inspector found a horizontal crack between the cement blocks. He feels there is movement in the wall. I would be interested in getting your opinion and an estimate on what it would take and cost to fix the situation.
Vicinity of East Cedar St in Platteville
Newly purchased 130 year old house, small leak in basement found wih recent warm weather this past weekend.
Vicinity of Iowa Ct in Platteville
We would like a quote on waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of N COURT in Platteville
HI You worked on part of my basement and I am in in need of an estimate to finish the other half
Vicinity of Siemers St in Platteville
We would be interested in setting something up in April

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